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In the world of today, technology is what is trendy nowadays, more and more people choose to spend their free time watching a movie or enjoying their time in the social media, this is, of course, a fine practice since modern times has made us softer and capable of using these ways for our entertainment.

But we have forgotten about the golden years where sports were by far more important than anything that is on the internet nowadays, a forgotten time when people choose to spend their time playing outside or training about their favorite sport with the chance of one day become one of the pros.

Those times surely pass quickly for me, since it wasn’t my time of being. But I understand their compromise of being always healthy and following different sports disciplines to always be the best version of themselves, with that great spirit of always be better and choosing a sport to stand out, those where the spirits that I try to follow ever since I started this journey.

Let me introduce first before I go further in this subject. My name is Kohen Cisneros, and I´m the creator of what is now called Leiria 2018.

Leiria 2018 is a website fully dedicated to the many disciplines behind the most incredible sports of today, from baseball and soccer to the sports that don’t require too much physical strength such as chess.

The beginnings of Leiria 2018 whereas any other website online, but just with one difference, and that is the direction I did when I was first starting what it is today this website, a marvelous site of tips and pieces of advice about sports that also has a place for the news that revolts in these kinds of events, such as the big soccer events or even the Olympics.

Leiria 2018 is always going to have space for the most important events in sports since they are the most anticipated time in the year for the readers that enjoy my content. But of course my objective and primary direction are to educate my readers with the knowledge of sports and discipline, so they can be a far better human being and also change their lifestyle to a healthier one.

With this said, I know that Leiria 2018 has a bright future ahead since it already has a clear start, and I know that with my compromise being ahead of everything else I fulfill my dream of making Leiria 2018 one of the best websites in sports.