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MMA Training – The 3 Levels of a Mixed Martial Arts Training Regimen

Every MMA fighter must follow a strict MMA training regimen or training program to develop an elite level of strength, power, conditioning and technique to ensure they can compete at the highest possible level of performance. MMA fighters are allowed to train 8, 12 and 16 weeks before a fight to ensure they are physically and mentally prepared to take on their opponent. If the cage door closes behind you, there is no turning back, so you must be ready at all costs.

There are three levels to a complete MMA training program and they must be followed in the correct order to get the most out of your training before fighting. Building the right kind of MMA training program is a lot like building a house. These are the three levels that will complete your MMA training and ensure that your opponent takes another loss on his record.


This is the main level – Like the foundation of a house… If the foundation of your house is weak, it will fall, but if it is strong, you can keep building on it. Any fighter training should start with a rock solid foundation. A solid MMA strength and conditioning program is a must if you intend to beat your opponent without gassing in the 1st or 2nd round. Your physical and mental fitness level must be in line with the best, and the only way to become the best is to train like the best.

Why is strength and conditioning so important?

A physically and mentally strong and conditioned fighter can dominate his opponent

– He can hold out 3-5 rounds in a fight without gasping out – He can knock
down his opponent and keep him on the ground at
will – He can easily lift his opponent off the ground for devastating body slams –
He has devastating knockout power
– He has the ability to push, pull and move in any direction for a long time without getting tired
-He will be 100% sure that he will win the fight
-He can intimidate his opponent with just one look
-He will be focused and ready for any challenge that comes his way

Those are just some of the possibilities that a well-conditioned fighter can do more of when he trains hard through a well-planned physical and mental  strength and conditioning program  .


This is the next level. For MMA fighters, this is where the emphasis of training moves from strength & conditioning to working on your skills and techniques and this is where training for specific disciplines is applied – such as Muay Thai, Boxing, Brazilian Jujitsu and Wrestling. You need to know your skills and be technically proficient to fight at your best.

What does being technically skilled mean?

A technically skilled fighter knows his art well

He knows when and how to block, dodge or counter punches and kicks.
-He knows exactly when to attack an opponent and at what distance
-He knows how to throw striking combinations correctly -He knows how
to get out of submission when needed
-He knows how to put his opponent in many many different positions, whether standing or on the ground –
He knows when and how to be knocked down and also how to avoid being knocked down

These are just a few examples of how important the technical level is in MMA training. You can’t fight without this. You need to train hard and learn the proper technical training program or follow the regimen taught to you by your trainers.


As a mixed martial artist you have to devise strategies to defeat your opponents. Every opponent is different, so you always have to come up with new strategies and improve your tactics and training. Training for MMA is not a destination, it is a lifestyle. With the right game plan you will win the battle.

Why is a tactical game plan so important?

If you have a good game plan, you have the advantage in battle

-You will know the weaknesses and strengths of your opponents
-You will know how to attack your opponent’s weaknesses and how to avoid his strengths
-You will know your own weaknesses and strengths and let your opponent play your game play
-You will be in control of the pace of the fight
-You will have a lot of confidence because you know everything about your opponent

This last level is the master planning level that allows you to map out and dominate strategies at will. Never step into the cage without a game plan.

Now you know the 3 main levels of a professional MMA training program. keep this list handy and share it with your friends so they too can learn how to train properly. Remember that if you want to become a pro, you have to train like a pro.

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