3 Unusual Sports Practiced in Scandinavia

Scandinavia is known as an old-fashioned place that possesses many traditions thanks to their rich culture that possess that grasp of a Nordic flair to many of their citizens. Since they are really close to their traditions, most tourists travel a lot to Scandinavia just to enjoy the ambient and see for them the Scandinavian folklore.

That’s why fascinating a day participating or watching some of the unusual sports and sports events that they enjoy in their free time and for us can be seen as a strange conduct or tradition, that’s why we are going to take a look at the sports of Scandinavia, that is part of their tradition and form part of their culture.

Ice Yacht Races

Now, Scandinavia possesses a great cold climate that can be considered as comfortable weather, this can be more enjoyable if you happen to see a match of an Ice Yacht race. Sweden has been known for being passionate about Ice Yacht races across their frozen lakes and other ice landscapes.

Ice Yacht Races - 3 Unusual Sports Practiced in Scandinavia

But most ice Yacht races of today consider on going on a sleek or a well-designed craft that can measure a great speed once is tested o an iced street walk or just a frozen river, some of the more contemporary Yatch can hold more than six people, creating a great balance once is tested on the track.

Wife Carrying

wife carrying - 3 Unusual Sports Practiced in Scandinavia

This is a really unusual sport that can be considered as the spotlight of Scandinavia when we talk about weird sports. Being originated from Sonkajarvi, Finland, where the world championship of wife carrying has been held on these lands from more than 1997. Now this sport is wastched as a funny activity each time is presented around, but is celebrated as a great hobby among Scandinavians.

The activity is simple, and consist about the Finnish men running around their town and trying to find their wife, after that, they must simply run around the town with their wife on his shoulder and try to pass the goal first, with obstacle traps and decorations to make the challenge a little more difficult.

Rink Bandy

A popular sport in Sweden that has his roots in the ’50s, and as many Sweden sports, this is played on an Ice hockey stadium or at least a facility that has this ambient, consist about playing hockey but with a rink ball, this is by far safer that Ice hockey, since most games are played in a small area and has fewer players as well.

rink bandy - 3 Unusual Sports Practiced in Scandinavia

Scandinavians really know how to follow their culture and enjoy the traditions of their lands by just enjoying their match of sports that may be unusual for most tourists. Believe in us.

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