5 Reasons Why Ice Hockey is Really Big in Finland

With Ice Hockey being a quite known and loved sport and also being by far the most watched winter sport in the world, it makes sense that in some places it has a greater weight than expected.

And that is the exact case in Finland, it may not be the national Finnish sport but when talking about it Finnish people can get excited, so, here are the reasons why Ice Hockey is really big in Finland

The Representation

We could understand the power that the Finnish ice hockey has by mentioning that their highest professional league (the Sm-Liiga) is considered as the second strongest league in Europe.

Leijonat Or The Lions

The Finnish men’s national ice hockey team, nicknamed as Leijonat (The Lions) is a highly respected team that is part of the Biggest six national teams in the history of the sport, making them a strong team worldwide.

Leijonat Or The Lions - 5 Reasons Why Ice Hockey is Really Big in Finland

World Championships

Throughout the years they’ve participated in the world championships and they’ve won the gold medal twice, in 1995 and more recently in 2011 beating their always rivals from Sweden, also they’ve won the silver medal 8 times and the bronze one 3 times, keeping their high spot.

Euro Power

Even though they’ve only won 2 Gold medals in championships, in Europe it is another case, during the Euro Hockey Tours they have collected a total of 9 Gold medals, 6 Silver medals and 6 Bronze ones, also keeping their place in the European Big Four.

Development Throughout The Years

Obviously one isn’t perfect at something since the beginning, from time to time people, teams and even sports get better and better, during the 1970s the teams received help from foreign coaches and new training installations and by the 1980s it was a success in Finland.

Finally, I can just add that all the love that has been delivered from the Finns to the ice hockey comes from the story behind it all, and the fact that it is something they are very good at, achieving things that not any team can really do.

Development Throughout The Years - 5 Reasons Why Ice Hockey is Really Big in Finland

The representation that the ice hockey gives them through the whole world and Europe is sure to be one that they appreciate and feel special about because one thing to know is that they’re the Best at doing it and that is what makes them love ice Hockey


5 Facts about Sports Betting in Scandinavia You Probably Didn’t Know

Scandinavia is a geographical region that’s located in Europe and is made up of three countries such as Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Possibly not many even knew about this particular place, but its history of betting is very interesting.

That’s why here we leave you some facts about sports betting in Scandinavia you probably didn’t know:

Origin of Gambling

The gambling and bettings curiously have a strong connection with Scandinavia, because according to history, it’s said that at the beginning of 1020, the kings of the countries that make up this region they used dice to dispose of the territories of the place, which were later banned.

origin of Gambling - 5 Facts about Sports Betting in Scandinavia You Probably Didn't Know

Online Gambling

online gambling - 5 Facts about Sports Betting in Scandinavia You Probably Didn't Know

Currently, Online Gambling is an illegal activity in Scandinavia, but it has some exceptions. Because it’s a place owned by three different countries and each has its own laws, in Norway particularly if this type of games is valid but only if they’re executed in some of only the two authorized international suppliers.

If they aren’t made in these two companies in charge of managing betting centers, it’s totally illegal in Norway. They’re in charge of offering sports bets and lotteries as well, but they also have their legal limits.

Legal Gaps

Really in Scandinavia, there are many legal gaps with regard to betting. But above all, there is a lot of noncompliance by citizens of this region about betting, as it isn’t a strong or determining norm, which is why citizens continue to attend illegal gambling sites.


Although Scandinavia, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark are places that have many legal prohibitions on betting in general, it’s really a very popular activity between citizens. Which is a little ironic, but it tells you about a custom that has been installed in the Scandinavian society that originates from thousands of years ago.

Sweden is one of the least radical places on bets in general, it has a slightly more flexible regulation where it allows games of chance in sports, casino, lotteries, and poker, it also has online games.

Sports Fanatics

In Scandinavia, there are many fans of sports. Soccer is one of the most admired sports in this region, and most of the citizens are fans of the Sweden national soccer team that’s the team that most attended at World Cups or Euros of the three countries.

sports fanatics - 5 Facts about Sports Betting in Scandinavia You Probably Didn't Know

But also other sports like basketball or hockey are much followed. Although sports’ betting isn’t as popular, it’s practiced; but the most popular betting is poker.