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Don’t start your MMA training before reading this article!

I see it every day, the novice who walks into the gym with his or her dreams of becoming a UFC champion and thinks we should stop everything and take on the greatest MMA fighter in the world! Ugh… But if you’re not, and you’re serious about the hard, heartbreaking work and not just about being a champion, then maybe we can work with you, so keep reading.

If you’re new to MMA training, there are a few things to keep in mind and certain things to avoid if you want to ensure top training and get the most out of your training. training and eventually become a great fighter.

So, while most people will focus on what needs to be done when training and the most important things to consider when starting out, there are also certain things that should be avoided when you are just starting out and want to participate in MMA competitions. fights. professional.

Avoid overtraining for effective MMA training

First, you want to avoid a longer workout and train more intensely. Rather than going for hours on end, it’s much better to consider more intense training sprints to make sure you’re getting the most out of the workouts you’re doing. Avoiding long hours in the day and turning to shorter jumps of high, intense workouts is what should be done instead.

Avoid bodybuilding for effective MMA training

The second important thing to avoid when training for MMA is trying to build muscle too quickly with the incorrect lifting methods. To build the muscle and intensity for fighting, you don’t want to spend hours in the gym lifting weights. Instead, you should consider using your own body weight for training, and doing the more intense, faster bursts, to get the most out of that MMA workout. Another great advantage of this type of training is that you can do it anywhere, anytime. Just find a local park to run and you can get a great workout.

So, to take your MMA training to the next level, make sure you don’t get burned out mentally and you also add too much muscle to your body frame. If you dodge these two traps that many MMA fighters fall into, you’ll be on top in no time.

Tony Mills is the editor of online content for several MMA related websites. Tony has been in this field for over 7 years and wakes up excited to go to work every day!

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MMA training is excellent training

What comes to your mind when you hear the words “Mixed Martial Arts or MMA training”? Think of two muscular men kicking and beating each other in a round cage until their faces are bloodied and one falls to the ground, unable to continue the match?

This may be the case during a professional match, but there are many benefits to be gained for both men and women who participate in MMA training. It is not only a great workout for your body, but also your mind.

What is mixed martial arts?

Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, is a full-contact martial art that originated in ancient Greece. It is a combination of many sports such as boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Karate. Matches, or fights, took place in the early 1900’s using different fighting styles with few rules, leading to many injuries. It wasn’t until 1993 when the Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC, made the sport safer. The UFC is MMA’s leading promotion company worldwide.

Your gym workout versus an MMA workout

The goal here isn’t to discourage you from going to the gym. Any type of exercise is better than none. However, your average gym workout can become mundane after a while, leaving you bored. Eventually you start to find reasons not to go.

An MMA workout is far from mundane and leaves you wanting more. You can only use the elliptical so many times, or change the amount of weight you lift before your mind wanders. When you attend an MMA class, you don’t have time to stray. You have so many different types of workouts to choose from that boredom doesn’t stand a chance. You need to focus on what you are doing, time flies and before you know it your class is over.

The Average MMA Workout

Mixed Martial Arts is one of the most intense sports out there and requires dedication to prepare you mentally and physically. However, the workouts don’t just apply to those training for the cage races; they also apply to the average gym goer. Here’s an example of a workout routine you can participate in.

Hill sprints are just what they sound like. As demanding as they sound, they’re great for cardio and help increase your stamina. Starting slow and working your way to what your body is capable of is key to your success.

Performing jumping jacks and using a skipping rope helps increase speed and improve balance.

Rope climbing is probably one of the most hated of all exercises, but it helps build strength in the arms and puts your perseverance to the test.

Push-ups, chin-ups, dips, scribbles and poly-metrics all use your body weight to strengthen your muscles.

Ring work, heavy bags, speed bags and sparring work on your stamina, stamina and skill.

Benefits of MMA Training

There are numerous benefits to taking an MMA class and incorporating these workouts into your daily training routine. The most obvious are the physical benefits. It will definitely help you get fitter, leaner and more physically conditioned. It will even aid in weight loss. The average MMA workout burns about 1000 calories per hour.

An MMA workout is almost like your own self-defense class, which is especially good for women. You never know when to defend yourself or a loved one, and the experience you gain from MMA training gives you that knowledge and skill.

On the psychological side, it gives you the boost of confidence and courage that you might not have known otherwise. This newfound confidence can spill over into every aspect of your life.

It also gives you better control over your anger, teaches you self-control and discipline.

Finally you become a more responsible person. Whether you train to fight or not, you have to follow all the rules that the professional fighters do in class. Again, this responsibility can spill over into any aspect of your life, which is extremely beneficial for teens and young adults.

Gyms and Exercise Programs

LA Boxing  and  UFC  are popular gyms nationwide to join to get your best workouts. You can participate in classes taught by certified training courses that also have black belts in their respective discipline. Some gyms don’t even allow trainers who don’t have a martial arts background.

Another advantage is that some gyms sponsor local fighters so that you may be able to train with the future star of the sport. Your membership can allow unlimited lessons for a monthly fee. Private trainers are also available if you want 1-on-1 attention.

Considering all its benefits, you should really consider joining an MMA training class. While it can be challenging, eventually you will come out on top and feel like a brand new person.

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mixed martial arts asia 520x350 - MMA news website features mixed martial arts clothing line for fighters and fans

MMA news website features mixed martial arts clothing line for fighters and fans

MMA News

Sources have reported that mixed martial arts is now the fastest growing sport in the world, resulting in an MMA clothing boom. MMA fighters and fans have flocked to online and brick-and-mortar businesses to buy their clothing and fighting gear.

MMA clothing styles are a staple in society and easily visible while shopping in a store or doing your daily shopping. The trend has spread from MMA clothing such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and hats to fighting gear and all kinds of accessories including gym bags, shoes, coffee cups, mouse pads and more.

Mixed Martial Arts

Strength, stamina, speed and technique, the four qualities of a great mixed martial artist, are especially needed by today’s warriors because of the fierce competition. Every fighter is looking for an edge.

These four traits are consistently mentioned by the fight commentators, in sports magazines, and by the fighters themselves.

Occasionally a mixed martial artist is so overwhelming with one of the attributes that they win on just two skills. When they win this way, they usually have some or all of the other attributes, but they don’t need to use them much. Good examples can sometimes be found in the heavyweight division where the power of the punch can carry the day with some technique of executing the plan.

Conversely, technique with any of the other attributes has resulted in multiple wins. However, the skills of today’s mixed martial artist are so varied and constantly increasing that usually all four traits are needed to ensure a greater chance of success. Many fighters are so evenly matched in their strength, speed and technique that the one with the best stamina wins the match.


When you watch your MMA news on video or TV, notice when a fighter, who may have a slight edge, drops his hands from exhaustion. The warrior with better stamina usually wins a match when this happens.

The main fighting skills of a modern mixed martial artist usually include most or all of the following disciplines.

  • The box
  • Jiu Jitsu
  • Karate
  • Muay Thai
  • wrestle

The mixed martial arts world is exciting and constantly evolving with fights broadcast in over a hundred countries. Whether you want to keep up to date with MMA news and events, research your favorite fighters, see who’s in the UFC Hall of Fame, or check out a cool  MMA clothing line  , it’s all in one place. simple online search.

mma mixed martial arts cagefight boxing 520x350 - Elite niveau MMA-training

Elite niveau MMA-training

Mixed martial arts is one of the most demanding sports you will ever do. It requires elite athleticism coupled with an endless number of skills to master as part of your MMA training.


With rounds of 3-5.5 minutes, the sport requires high stamina from an athlete who must give their very best from bell to bell.

In an era of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and Tabata protocols, endurance is an often overlooked aspect of MMA training, but probably one of the most essential.

In endurance training, we are talking about aerobic capacity, and this is developed through roadworks, swimming, cycling or triathlons. These are just a few suggestions, but any activity performed at a range of 120-150 bpm will develop your stamina, as long as that activity is performed for between 40-90 minutes.

The goal is to have a resting heart rate between 45-50 bpm. This is a demonstration that your body is efficient at using oxygen as energy and that each heartbeat is delivering a large amount of oxygenated blood to your muscles.

Most fighters use traditional road work – or long slow distance (LSD) runs, to develop stamina. It is still common for many fighters to wake up at the crack of dawn and go for a run before full MMA training begins. Such endurance is a great active recovery and prepares your body for a day of work at the gym. Some hunters also take advantage of roadworks in the evenings, or prefer swimming, biking, skipping, or shadow boxes. The key is to reach the heart range of 120-150 bpm and stay in that range for up to 90 minutes three or four times a week. A heart rate monitor is a great investment to maximize endurance.


While having a good aerobic base is the foundation of your athletic prowess, most of the time you spend fighting will be spent in the anaerobic zone. Anaerobic power relies on glycogen reserves in your muscles and liver to fuel your body.

These energy reserves, while extremely powerful, only last a few minutes before depleting. This is why you will often see a fighter deliver a quick flurry of punches and then accelerate. It is then up to the aerobic energy system to break down fat tissue and supply the muscles with glycogen.

The best way to train anaerobic capacity is to use HIIT, Tabata protocols and a variety of other short workouts that keep your heart rate between 150-171 bpm.

These are performed for short bursts of activity with short rest periods. For example, if you use one HIIT protocol, you might sprint for 30-40 seconds, alternating with a 15-20 second jog or walk. Do that for 15-20 minutes.

The Tabata protocol is even more demanding, requiring 20 seconds of vigorous activity that brings your heart to 170 beats per minute, then 10 seconds of rest for 20 minutes. Anaerobic training is definitely not for the feint, and is probably the hardest to tolerate for most aspiring MMA athletes.


Strength is also crucial to MMA training. Because wrestling is such an important part of the sport, being able to manipulate, maneuver and control your opponent often boils down to sheer strength.

There are many ways to develop your strength, using dumbbells, body weight training, strong men training or even Olympic weightlifting.

The key to gaining efficiency in these facets requires training with resistance up to 90% of the weight you can lift for one rep, with short cycles of 3-5 reps for 5 sets.

This can be 3-5 handstand pushups for 5 sets, or 3-5 standing presses for 5 sets. Strength training is tough on your central nervous system, so you need to have plenty of recovery time between sets to make sure you hit each set completely fresh. This can be between 3-5 minutes of rest between sets.

Barbell training is an easy to measure and accessible way to train strength. Stick to large compound movements that train the body proportionally by using multiple muscles in succession. The squat, bench press, deadlift and shoulder press or pull-ups are perfect.

The goal of the MMA fighter should be to develop strength such as you can squat 1.5-2 x body weight, bench press at your 1.25-1.5 x body weight, deadlift 2-2.5 x body weight and 10 pull perform ups with 20 kg of extra weight attached.


MMA is a sport that is constantly evolving and a number of unarmed combat disciplines have been adopted by many fighters – from karate to sambo and from judo to taekwondo.

Whichever disciplines you choose to incorporate in your own style, you will need to pay particular attention to three key areas of the sport: batting, wrestling and submissions.

All fights start standing up and often end there. You must develop hitting skills, be able to deliver knockout blows, and have proficient footwork and hand speed to control the fight and throw combos at your opponent. Two of the best hitting arts that apply directly to MMA are Muay Thai and boxing – which are often the foundation of most MMA fighters’ punching skills. Some also use taekwondo to develop a less predictable standout style.

Grappling is also essential, and probably the most dominant discipline in the sport. You must be able to control your opponent’s body at all times, be able to fight in the clinch, control him against the cage and on the ground. The best skills for this are wrestling – both freestyle and Greco-Roman, as well as judo and Russian sambo. With these abilities, you can bring your fighter down if you want, or stop him from knocking you down if you prefer to fight standing up.

The last skills are submissions. Many would lump this together with wrestling, but the emphasis here is not just on controlling your opponent, but finishing your opponent and winning the fight. Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) is the most dominant form of submission fights. It is a very effective martial art that dominated the MMA sport in the beginning. Catch wrestling is also an alternative, but it is difficult to find good catch wrestling schools.

However, it is not enough just to be good at these skills. It’s how you put them together as part of your MMA training and the transition between every aspect of the fight that really sets you apart as a mixed martial artist.

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A good MMA diet is the key to MMA success

Having a strong and healthy body is one of the most important elements that will make anyone successful in mixed martial arts. Being able to reach your ideal body weight is a skill you must learn so that you can gain the proper advantage over your opponent.

The best MMA diet plan should be followed to a “T” and should be coupled with sustained and dedicated training. If you’re a beginner or intermediate MMA fighter, you know how much dieting can help or disrupt your training and your fight. If you have too much fat, yes, then you will be a little stronger, but you won’t have as much agility, and if you eat too much, you will lack the strength and power needed to successfully control your opponent . This is why anyone striving to excel in MMA should pay close attention to their MMA diet.

The MMA Diet Plan

If you’re training for MMA, it’s best to eat small portions every meal and not stuff yourself all the time. While you may be hungry enough to eat two or three plates at each meal, it’s more important to eat more often throughout the day so that your body has a chance to digest the food and use it for energy. The perfect MMA diet plan should include plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as complex carbohydrates from foods like oatmeal. In fact, eating oatmeal is a good food choice even before you exercise, as long as it is consumed 45 minutes beforehand. This gives your body time to work it out of your stomach so it can be used for energy.

If you are on an MMA diet, it is very important to stay away from soft drinks and desserts with a high sugar content, as well as almost all junk foods and fried foods. All of the foods just mentioned have a high propensity for helping one gain a lot of body fat which will hinder your fighting. Ever tried to kick your opponent with a lot of fat on your belly? It’s much easier when you’re slimmer.

Instead of carbonated soft drinks, focus on drinking plenty of water every day. Your muscles are 80% water and your strength is directly related to how hydrated your body is. So staying hydrated is key to your strength. Drinking plenty of water also prevents you from becoming dehydrated during your workout.

Supplements to Avoid on an MMA Diet

While creatine monohydrate can help you with your strength training at the gym, it can keep you from gaining weight if you’re trying to fight in a lower weight class. Remember that you get from your diet exactly what you put into it. The right MMA diet will also help you train more aggressively, both in the weightlifting gym and when you’re struggling. If you dream of becoming a professional MMA fighter someday, your  MMA diet  is not only necessary, it will literally make or break you as a fighter.

boxing 4339271  480 520x350 - MMA Training - The 3 Levels of a Mixed Martial Arts Training Regimen

MMA Training – The 3 Levels of a Mixed Martial Arts Training Regimen

Every MMA fighter must follow a strict MMA training regimen or training program to develop an elite level of strength, power, conditioning and technique to ensure they can compete at the highest possible level of performance. MMA fighters are allowed to train 8, 12 and 16 weeks before a fight to ensure they are physically and mentally prepared to take on their opponent. If the cage door closes behind you, there is no turning back, so you must be ready at all costs.

There are three levels to a complete MMA training program and they must be followed in the correct order to get the most out of your training before fighting. Building the right kind of MMA training program is a lot like building a house. These are the three levels that will complete your MMA training and ensure that your opponent takes another loss on his record.


This is the main level – Like the foundation of a house… If the foundation of your house is weak, it will fall, but if it is strong, you can keep building on it. Any fighter training should start with a rock solid foundation. A solid MMA strength and conditioning program is a must if you intend to beat your opponent without gassing in the 1st or 2nd round. Your physical and mental fitness level must be in line with the best, and the only way to become the best is to train like the best.

Why is strength and conditioning so important?

A physically and mentally strong and conditioned fighter can dominate his opponent

– He can hold out 3-5 rounds in a fight without gasping out – He can knock
down his opponent and keep him on the ground at
will – He can easily lift his opponent off the ground for devastating body slams –
He has devastating knockout power
– He has the ability to push, pull and move in any direction for a long time without getting tired
-He will be 100% sure that he will win the fight
-He can intimidate his opponent with just one look
-He will be focused and ready for any challenge that comes his way

Those are just some of the possibilities that a well-conditioned fighter can do more of when he trains hard through a well-planned physical and mental  strength and conditioning program  .


This is the next level. For MMA fighters, this is where the emphasis of training moves from strength & conditioning to working on your skills and techniques and this is where training for specific disciplines is applied – such as Muay Thai, Boxing, Brazilian Jujitsu and Wrestling. You need to know your skills and be technically proficient to fight at your best.

What does being technically skilled mean?

A technically skilled fighter knows his art well

He knows when and how to block, dodge or counter punches and kicks.
-He knows exactly when to attack an opponent and at what distance
-He knows how to throw striking combinations correctly -He knows how
to get out of submission when needed
-He knows how to put his opponent in many many different positions, whether standing or on the ground –
He knows when and how to be knocked down and also how to avoid being knocked down

These are just a few examples of how important the technical level is in MMA training. You can’t fight without this. You need to train hard and learn the proper technical training program or follow the regimen taught to you by your trainers.


As a mixed martial artist you have to devise strategies to defeat your opponents. Every opponent is different, so you always have to come up with new strategies and improve your tactics and training. Training for MMA is not a destination, it is a lifestyle. With the right game plan you will win the battle.

Why is a tactical game plan so important?

If you have a good game plan, you have the advantage in battle

-You will know the weaknesses and strengths of your opponents
-You will know how to attack your opponent’s weaknesses and how to avoid his strengths
-You will know your own weaknesses and strengths and let your opponent play your game play
-You will be in control of the pace of the fight
-You will have a lot of confidence because you know everything about your opponent

This last level is the master planning level that allows you to map out and dominate strategies at will. Never step into the cage without a game plan.

Now you know the 3 main levels of a professional MMA training program. keep this list handy and share it with your friends so they too can learn how to train properly. Remember that if you want to become a pro, you have to train like a pro.

1200px Mairis Briedis 2018 520x350 - Mairis Briedis: The king of explorer class

Mairis Briedis: The king of explorer class

Cruiserweight king Mairis Briedis spoke with Boxing Social’s Luke G. Williams about the long road to his final WBSS win against Yuniel Dorticos, and why a rematch against Oleksandr Usyk could be the “fight of the century”…

“Human nature is to forget everything that was bad or wrong and remember the good things,” Mairis Briedis mused, as she looked back on the most fulfilling fight of her professional boxing career.

The Latvian folk hero admits that the euphoria generated by his win against Yuniel Dorticos last month has erased memories of 15 months of unrelenting frustration.

After his controversial win against Krzysztof Głowacki in the cruiserweight semifinals of the World Boxing Super Series in June 2019, Briedis’ fight with the Cuban boxer was tentatively scheduled for December 2019.

After being rescheduled for March 2020, the coronavirus pandemic hit. The brief switch to May proved unworkable and some began to wonder if the tournament would ever end at all.

Finally, however, September 26 behind closed doors in Munich ended the monotonous training and remained sharp without Briedis knowing when he would be fighting next.

“It was really tough,” the 35-year-old told Boxing Socia l, his words translated by manager Raimonds Zeps. “It wasn’t just once the fight was moved either. There is always preparation going on and changing over the months. It was very difficult for me both physically and mentally.

“For March, we have completed our training and preparations. I’ve had some really tough debates with the likes of England’s Chris Billam-Smith, who are very good prospects. We don’t have easy days.

“It was dark and cold outside when we were training so it was also difficult. But we continue to restructure things so that we can face whatever is in front of us. The situation required us to show character, which we did.”

The humble Briedis showed more than character in the ring last Saturday night. Indeed, his performance was a masterclass of aggressive counter-punching, movement and footwork, as he deservedly won the Ali trophy and the IBF and Ring magazine 200lbs belts.

unnamed 4 - Mairis Briedis: The king of explorer class

How much a win means to Briedis – now 27-1 (19 KOs) and certainly worth considering for the pound-for-pound top ten – is clear.

“The dream of maybe thousands of professional boxers is something I can live with now,” he said with a smile. “It’s fantastic and makes me very happy. It’s great that I’ve accomplished something that will be in the history books. Looking back on all the work I did, it’s an amazing feeling that I accomplished something really special.

“This has taught me that if you have a goal, you have to be persistent. Even if you don’t achieve it the first time, you have to stay focused, remember your goals and then you can achieve them. It might take a long time, maybe 10 years or in my case it’s been 20 years working to get to this point.”

Back in January, when I last spoke to Briedis, he had given me insight into his usual Spartan methods and sacrifices when preparing for a fight.

“The difference between me and a lot of other boxers is that during camp even here in Riga I stay with my coach and my team,” he told me via Facetime, while enjoying a signature meal after a training session consisting of fish, rice, avocado and cheese. mozzarella.

“[I am] away from my family, away from my children. It’s like an army camp. Get up early, exercise, eat, sleep. It’s the same routine over and over again. There was no chance for me to see and play with my kids during camp.

“Sunday I was off and that was the only day I could see my family but now one of my kids is sick so I can’t go and see them. It’s a bit like being in the army. As a team, we go to church on Sundays, my team is with me and around me every day.”

Honestly refreshing and devoid of some of the grueling theatrical excesses of the game and the reverse psychology that many boxers use, Briedis is open from the start about how he will try to combat Dorticos and his right-hand man, the fearsome weapon that is largely responsible for Cuba’s impressive record. from 22 stoppages of his 24 professional wins.

“We know the Dorticos have a really hard hit,” Briedis said in January. “He’s a very experienced fighter and everyone knows his strengths. Obviously we will look for his weaknesses and we will try to avoid his strong sides.

“First of all we focus on the power of his punch. Basically, the focus is on the big punch and avoiding it as much as possible by moving as much as possible to dodge the hit. All of our work is focused on avoiding its power.”

It was a tactical plan that never deviated from Latvia’s months of waiting before the final.

Even more impressively, over the 12 rounds of fighting last Saturday, none of the frustrations of the last 15 months of waiting and training, training and waiting, proved.

Briedis’ performance focused on skill, power and ringcraft was fairly rewarded on two scorecards with an accurate score of 117-111 to his advantage (a third card of 114-114, frankly, makes no sense and should be ignored).

“Yeah, the tactic is to defend against his right hand so he will use it to the minimum and can’t land anything with it,” Briedis confirmed with satisfaction as he contemplated his performance. “Her right hand is her greatest attribute. Our tactic is to move as much as possible – everyone knows that it’s easier to hit a standing target, whether you’re shooting or in a sport like boxing.

“We planned to attack and hit back right at the eighth moment when he attacked. I would rate my performance at about 50 percent. My corner and my coach always tell me to stay behind, not to take risks because he is very dangerous. We’re playing it safe.”

Briedis was already a huge hero in his homeland of Latvia, but his fame will now reach greater heights among the proud Baltic nation of nearly two million inhabitants.

Back in 2017, he was awarded one of the country’s highest state awards – the Class III Three-Star Order. In addition to his ring exploits, his many years of work as a police officer in Riga, coupled with his determination to be a suitable role model for young Latvians, has earned him the wide admiration and worship of the young.

Briedis has spoken in the past about the “code of conduct” he hopes to adhere to himself and his supporters and the high expectations he holds for himself and others.

The support he received in Latvia, as a result, gave new meaning to the term ‘spirit’. I know of at least two British boxing writers who insisted that the atmosphere created by Riga fans when Briedis faced Oleksandr Usyk in January 2018 was the best they had ever experienced in a prize fight.

It’s no wonder that Briedis – who is often serious and sometimes hides his warm and witty personality – calls his supporters “legal doping”.

Due to Coronavirus restrictions, Briedis missed the chance to take part in the WBSS final on Latvian soil, or show off his newly won belt and Ali cup through the streets of Riga upon his return from Munich.

However, in a highly symbolic gesture, one of the first places he visited upon his return to his homeland was the Freedom Monument, a magnificent and sturdy 42-meter-tall building honoring the soldiers who died during the Latvian War of Independence (1918). -1920).

“This is probably our most iconic place in Latvia,” said Briedis manager Raimonds Zeps.

As he stands in the shadow of the structure – topped by the Statue of Liberty, arms high, holding three gold-plated stars, the triumphant pose mirrored by the boxer as he lifts the Ali trophy – Briedis admits it is still a work in progress. exactly what victory meant to him and his country.

“I don’t think I or the people around me really understand what I’ve achieved,” he mused. “It took me some time to understand what a trophy is and what it means to be a stripes champion. For Latvians and me, it’s still something we need to understand and understand how great an achievement it is.”

However, it was not the feat that Briedis saw as his swansong.

“I’m fine. I definitely want to move on,” he stressed, “I’ll have a discussion with my promoter Sauerland, we’ll look at the options and see what’s on the table and make the right decision after talking to my family, consulting with my coach and my team and doing the right thing.

“But I feel really good right now and don’t want to end my journey here. You won’t get rid of me too soon. We will still chat more often!

One interesting option is a rematch against his old foe Usyk – whom he narrowly missed in the classic WBSS Season 1. One judge judged the fight to be a draw, the other two gave it to Ukraine by one round. Ringside observers were divided.

Usyk is now campaigning at heavyweight, of course, which won’t be a problem for Briedis, who fought six of his first ten pro fights at unlimited heavyweight. “That rematch could possibly be the fight of the century,” Briedis said. “I have a different team now. I changed it after the Usyk fight. Looking back that change was needed and it was for the better. I am very confident in my new coach [Dmitrijs iholajs]. I think he is the number two boxing coach in the world, only behind [Anatoly] Lomachenko.”

Briedis’s other ambition is to have a big fight in England, where her twin sons from a previous relationship live and “speak Latvian with an English accent”.

“You have to remember that there are a lot of Latvians living in England. This fight [against Dorticos] is on Sky Sports. The British media should see it and show interest in it. I would love to one day have a magical and very big fight in England,” he said.

“That would be great for me. England fans will see how much the Latvian fans brought in and how their bananas went. Maybe it will also help some local British fans to cheer on me too!”

Briedis’ desire to fight in England has been fueled by his previous performances on this beach – when he beat Simon Vallily on the undercard of Tony Bellew’s WBC cruiserweight title defense against BJ Flores at Liverpool’s Echo Arena in October 2016.

“I really enjoyed the atmosphere,” Briedis enthuses, as his serious mask falls and he sings a song, not from the Z Cars theme, but from another song played on a heady night on Merseyside – Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes.

“I’ve been studying guitar now for a year and I’ve learned how to play it,” he explains.

Maybe, I suggest, he can play his own guitar while making his own entry ring.

The serious mask returned when Briedis said: “That would be tricky with gloves on…”

But then he laughed again.

There is a time for jokes and a time for business, and Mairis Briedis’ judgment is perfect.


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One of the countries where this type of gambling is legal is in Finland, and that’s why here we leave you some of the best gambling sites for Finnish bettors:


It’s one of the most popular betting centers in Europe, with a lot of sports to choose and bet; from soccer to volleyball. It also has live broadcasts, which many clients like, but above all, what clients prefer is the odds and statistics section they have on certain equipment so they can be sure who to bet on.

betsafe - The 5 Best Gambling Sites for Finnish Bettors


Betfair is another betting house originally from the United Kingdom but also available in Finland. It has many great options for customers at the time of betting, with various sports to choose from and various forms of payment.

betfair - The 5 Best Gambling Sites for Finnish Bettors


This is one of the most popular betting centers in Europe and one of the most popular in Finland because of the various options offered to bet such as a bonus of 3x £10 free bets.

ladbrokers - The 5 Best Gambling Sites for Finnish Bettors


This is a Swedish betting house that you can also find in Finland, with various services, a wide range of sports to bet and more great options for clients. But this, unlike others, doesn’t have live broadcasts.

betsson - The 5 Best Gambling Sites for Finnish Bettors


Unibet is one of the betting houses that you can find in Finland, but it really belongs to a gaming operator that owns this and other brands, called Kindred Group. These line bets are among the most popular in Europe, in addition to having even live betting transmissions and with different options to pay.

Finland is undoubtedly one of the places where sports betting is one of the popular, especially on Hockey, and that’s why there are so many international betting sites that considered this country to put one of its branches.

unibet - The 5 Best Gambling Sites for Finnish Bettors
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3 Things to Know to Bet on Any Sport in Finland

Finland is located in Europe and also being part of the European Union.  With more than 5 million citizens and visitors walking and exploring the country of Finland, and they have reported having a great time in the nation since they say is an incredible place to live and explore. As well their residents have stated that they enjoy the high standard of life there.

With that being said, and seeing how well the economy is in Finland, one of the favorite ways for citizens to spend their money is by betting in their favorite sport. And being different than other EU members, Finland has strict but fair laws about gambling, for that, we have a couple of tips that you should know before betting in a sport in Finland.

The Best Sport Betting Sites In Finland

The good thing about Finland is that while there’s isn’t too much selection in sport betting sites and bookmarkers. The ones that are available are incredibly good in comparison with other places, for that, bookmarkers such as Pinnacle or Betfair are commonly used among the citizens of Finland thanks to their live streaming service and in-play wagering.

ladbrokers - 3 Things to Know to Bet on Any Sport in Finland

But remember that if you are looking for a great wagering option, you should check Veikkaus first since they offer the best services for Finnish, so much which is rarely the occasions where they prefer a foreign service.

The Most Popular Sports In Finland To Bet

Finland loves sports in general, that’s why there are a lot of sports that have the spotlight in Finland, such as Harness racing that is incredibly popular among fans of horse bettors and other sports that follows that similitude.  But Ice hockey being almost a national pride for Finland has the most attention, as well with soccer when there’s an exciting season.

unibet - 3 Things to Know to Bet on Any Sport in Finland

Online Sports And Betting

A  commonly ask question among those who are interested in betting to e-sports and other sources of online sports is that since Finland have a strong connection with the laws of betting and they mostly cover the traditional sports of their country and horse racing. The question itself is ¿Is it legal to bet on an online sport?

Online Sports And Betting - 3 Things to Know to Bet on Any Sport in Finland

The answer is yes, it is legal to bet on an online sport, since the laws referring the bookmarkers says that is legal to bet with foreign operators, so with that being said is a safe practice to bet on  your favorite team of CS:GO or other popular sport that has a lot of attention and followers behind.

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3 Unusual Sports Practiced in Scandinavia

Scandinavia is known as an old-fashioned place that possesses many traditions thanks to their rich culture that possess that grasp of a Nordic flair to many of their citizens. Since they are really close to their traditions, most tourists travel a lot to Scandinavia just to enjoy the ambient and see for them the Scandinavian folklore.

That’s why fascinating a day participating or watching some of the unusual sports and sports events that they enjoy in their free time and for us can be seen as a strange conduct or tradition, that’s why we are going to take a look at the sports of Scandinavia, that is part of their tradition and form part of their culture.

Ice Yacht Races

Now, Scandinavia possesses a great cold climate that can be considered as comfortable weather, this can be more enjoyable if you happen to see a match of an Ice Yacht race. Sweden has been known for being passionate about Ice Yacht races across their frozen lakes and other ice landscapes.

Ice Yacht Races - 3 Unusual Sports Practiced in Scandinavia

But most ice Yacht races of today consider on going on a sleek or a well-designed craft that can measure a great speed once is tested o an iced street walk or just a frozen river, some of the more contemporary Yatch can hold more than six people, creating a great balance once is tested on the track.

Wife Carrying

wife carrying - 3 Unusual Sports Practiced in Scandinavia

This is a really unusual sport that can be considered as the spotlight of Scandinavia when we talk about weird sports. Being originated from Sonkajarvi, Finland, where the world championship of wife carrying has been held on these lands from more than 1997. Now this sport is wastched as a funny activity each time is presented around, but is celebrated as a great hobby among Scandinavians.

The activity is simple, and consist about the Finnish men running around their town and trying to find their wife, after that, they must simply run around the town with their wife on his shoulder and try to pass the goal first, with obstacle traps and decorations to make the challenge a little more difficult.

Rink Bandy

A popular sport in Sweden that has his roots in the ’50s, and as many Sweden sports, this is played on an Ice hockey stadium or at least a facility that has this ambient, consist about playing hockey but with a rink ball, this is by far safer that Ice hockey, since most games are played in a small area and has fewer players as well.

rink bandy - 3 Unusual Sports Practiced in Scandinavia

Scandinavians really know how to follow their culture and enjoy the traditions of their lands by just enjoying their match of sports that may be unusual for most tourists. Believe in us.

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